I’m the Principal Investigator of the BUFFER project, a 2-year grant from the National Science Centre carried out at the University of Gdańsk (Poland).

During my PhD I investigated the interaction among macrofauna, macrophytes and microbial communities in aquatic environments. In particular, my research focused on ecosystem services provided by macrophytes and macrofauna evaluated through a biogeochemical approach.


I have a broad interest in biogeochemical cycling in aquatic environments. My research covers different aspects of macrofauna, primary producers and microbes interactions


The BUFFER project aims at analyzing how the mechanisms that determine nutrient transformations, loss or retention within sediments are regulated, along multiple environmental conditions generated by the interaction of eutrophication and climate change.

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Ribaudo, C., Benelli, S., Bolpagni, R., Darul, R., & Bartoli, M. (2023). Macrophyte growth forms and hydrological connectivity affect greenhouse gases concentration in small eutrophic wetlands. Aquatic Botany, 103660.


Division of Experimental Ecology of Marine Organisms
Institute of Oceanography
University of Gdańsk
Al. M. Piłsudskiego 46, Gdynia 81-378